Get Active to Boost your Heart Health

Prioritizing your heart health is important, and while it may be difficult to fit into your busy schedule, regular exercise has a multitude of benefits. Whether you’re going for a walk with your furry friends or going to group fitness classes, these five health benefits can be a great motivator to get your exercise in.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a significant indicator of heart disease, which is why reducing your blood pressure is so important. Routine exercise can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure when resting and during exercise, similar to beta-blocking medications.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, exercise can help lower bad cholesterol which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise can help increase levels of good cholesterol, evening out your cholesterol levels.

Reduces Stress

Exercise is good at lowering stress levels for many reasons. For some people, taking time to themselves and unplugging makes exercise a form of self-care. Exercise can also lower stress by pumping up your feel-good neurotransmitters (aka endorphins) and lowering stress hormones, taking pressure off your heart.

Lowers High Blood Sugar

Exercise can help keep your blood sugar under control, which is important because high blood sugar can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. By moving and increasing your heart rate, your muscles are using more glucose which lowers the sugar in your bloodstream.

Reduces Inflammation

Research from John Hopkins Medicine shows that regular exercise produces an anti-inflammatory cellular response which can reduce the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack.


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